CU-SeeMe on new 8500 Mac ???

Ken Fox (
Tue, 10 Oct 95 17:16:14 0500

I'm not a member of this list but would like any of you to reply to me
personally <> if you have a definitive answer.

I recently changed from a 7100 to an 8500 Mac. The 8500 (as you know)
uses Open Transport (not MacTCP). I used a Connectix QuickCam with my
7100 and CU-SeeMe 080b1 and had no particular problems. I have applied
Apple's latest patch to Open Transport also.

Not so with the 8500.

CU-SeeMe 080 b1 or b2 can't seem to keep a connection active to another
Mac. Is there a problem using CU-SeeMe on the new PCI Power Macs, or am
I overlooking something more obvious and correctable???

Thanks in advance,
Ken Fox