Re: cusm reflector, nv and vat

Dwight E. Spencer (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 15:21:14 -0300 (ADT)

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Brian O'Shea wrote:
> Hmmmm. I would start by reverting to vat defaults and starting vat manually
> to verify that it's working with a standard port, and no conference ID.
> I used:

> 238: VAT-MC-PORT 3456
> 239: VAT-MC-IN
> 240: VAT-MC-OUT 63

What version of the reflector are you running? .. I'm running version 4.00b2

> Start the reflector with the -broadcast switch so you only have to have 1 cusm
> client connected.

Whenever I give my a "-flag" option, is does not seem to read
the config file, only reading the note about:
"See README.reflector.4.00B2.txt for notices, permissions and restrictions"
and stops. When I check with refmon, there are no clients connected.

if I simply start, then it sees the nv stream immediately
cythera:~$ refmon -s irc
Waiting for connection to ... Connected
> who
No Clients
> quit
cythera:~$ refmon -s irc
Waiting for connection to ... Connected
> who
> SunOS 4.1.1 Host > reflect -broadcast
I'm running reflector 4.00b2 on solaris 2.3. Should I try it on system
running solaris 2.4?

Also, where these two hosts on the same subnet? did tunnels and mrouted
come into the picture here? perhaps I should explain my setup here a bit

machine1(broadcasting mbone via local mrouted (, to mrouted on
machine2 (via tunnel to my reflector is on a machine3
( which is picking up multicast packets off of the ethernet
segment from ...3.18. the first two machines are running solaris 2.4 and
mrouted's version 3.4 , and the last one, with the reflector, is running
solaris 2.3.

> MAC connect to SunOS 4.1.1 host and transmit audio in dvi format.
> The vat host doesn't have a microphone, but does have speakers. The audio
> transmitted from the client reached the sun's speakers.

If I get a chance to try this, I'll be able to send audio in both
directions. I'm testing with a mac pb 520c, and a sun sparc4 with
sunvideo and audio kits installed.

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Our university is planning to do an mbone broadcast in two weeks (i'll
post a formal "request" in the next couple days, 2 30-50 minute
broadcasts), and making it available to the mbone community, as well as
via cuseeme reflectors would give both worlds a chance to see it. Anyone
else having a cusm reflector which would be able to mirror the mbone
session back into a reflector are welcome to, assuming I can get my own
audio/reflector combination working correctly.

Comments welcome.
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