Re: cusm reflector, nv and vat

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 15:13:43 -0400

>What version of the reflector are you running? .. I'm running version 4.00b2

That may be part of your problem. Ftp over to, cd to
pub/product/demo/reflector/4.0B3. Set mode to binary and get
reflector-4.0-b3-solaris.tar.Z. This version supports the -broadcast option.
The default reflect for solaris is built with multicast support.

>> Start the reflector with the -broadcast switch so you only have to have 1 cusm
>> client connected.
>Whenever I give my a "-flag" option, is does not seem to read
>the config file, only reading the note about:
>"See README.reflector.4.00B2.txt for notices, permissions and restrictions"
>and stops. When I check with refmon, there are no clients connected.

Right, -broadcast wasn't available in 4.0b2.

I don't beleive that your tunnels or your OS version have anything to do with
it. I bet it's just a 4.0b2 bug. Try 4.0b3 and let me know how it goes.


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