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Luc Volders (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 22:19:38 +0100

To everybody participating in the CU-SeeMe refelector list discussion,

Yesterday I posted mail asking the users of CU-SeeMe their opinion
in starting our own reflector list here on the CU mail list.
I got until now about 50 reactions and I must admit that i just started
reading them (I have to work too, you know).
The total of reactions is now 70 being a bit more than 3% of the
subscribers to this list.
Keep it coming in. The more reactions the better. The more IP adresses send
in, the better the list will be.

Ok, I promised you that I would post a new list of reflectors by the end
of this week or at the beginning of next week.
I think I have to dissapoint you all, it might take a little longer.

Why do you ask. Well I'll tell you a little story that happened to me
yesterday evening.
Something happened i did not think about, and nobody who reacted to my
postings until now thought about.

Yesterday evening I had a discussion on IRC with someone who is running
a reflector. He is a really nice guy called Streak. I had contact with him
before, used his reflector before and yesterday I told him about this
little project I am starting: a reflector list.

Now this guy told me that he was not really charmed about the idea until
I could prove it was done right.So what could be wrong ?
He started his reflector for his own testing purposes at first and used it
now for fun for himself and some of his friends.
What happened is that somebody told his IP adress to somebody else etc.
Now his IP adress turns up everywhere and the reflector is getting more and
more crowded which leads to bad transmission rates and really bad
for users on a modem.
He was a bit annoyed with this. Despite this he gave me permission to put
his reflector on the list. Even better: He send me by mail a list of about
60 reflectors! His thought behind this was: the damage has been done
already so why not. But he told me he started a second reflector on which
people have to be invited to join.

I can imagine that. It NEVER was his purpose to advertise his reflector
widely and attract so many users.

So what i need to do, and there is no argument that convince me otherwise,
is to contact all the maintainers of reflectors and ask their permission to
put the name and IP adress of their reflector on the list.
If a maintainer/owner does not want me to put the name on the list, or does
not give a reaction, the reflector will not be mentioned on the list!!!!
So it will take a little longer to compile the list.

Now I do know that every reflector maintainer/owner can make his reflector
private by all kinds of means. Nevertheless even if he does not do that, I
think he must give his permission for putting the name on the list.

For example:
Judson S. Elliott wrote this week:

>I need some partners to prepare a demonstration tape for a conference held
>this Friday, because I wish to have a "canned" demonstration of CU-SeeMe as
>back-up against network problems. If your schedule permits, please connect
>to the listed reflectors at the times listed and open your Talk Window. We
>will "chat" a bit about where you are and what your school is like and then
>"hang up." Remember, this will be taped for a teacher presentation.

I can imagine that he is not waiting for all 1900 subscribers to drop in on
the dates he mentioned just to have a peek. His project will fall apart
when that should happen. Nevertheless he mentioned the IP adresses of the
reflectors in his message. I think this is really showing confidence in the
CU-Users community.

It is a matter of courtesy and well-behaviour.

I think you can all agree with that.


P.s. about confidence in the CU users i will post a second message
it's about sex !!!!

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