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Tue, 10 Oct 1995 22:19:48 +0100

So now i have your attention.

This is an open letter to the CU community stating my personal points of vieuw.

I am not a moralist, I am not the one to tell people what they should do,
and what they should not.
I like sex, no question about that.
I live in The Netherlands, a country where sex shops are all around,
adult liturature is widely spread and moral standards are totally different
from other countries in the world. Any US citizen who says that Showgirls
(a movie from Paul verhoeven) should be banned has never visited the
Netherlands, Germany, Italy or France and just watched television some
evenings. So I am just trying to say that I am not shocked by being exposed
to sex.

Ok now there is CU-SeeMe.

A discussion was going on a few days ago concerning the adult content of some
reflectors and how to block that from your kids, or from yourself.
Everybody who participated in this discussion was missing the most
important point.
The only one who was getting to the point at this stage in the devellopment
of CU was the person who suggested (as a joke) that Cornell and White Pine
should build in some kind of 'nude body parts' detector. As a joke (or
maybe exactly knowing what he was writing) he directly got to the point
where the problem lies at this moment.

Ok there are some (I know 1 at this moment) reflectors where sex is
explicitely advertised in all kinds of ways. That is not important. If you
do not like it keep it out of your IP adresses file.

What is more annoying is what I saw at several reflectors lately.

These were public reflectors and people were exposing themselves in various
ways. On one public reflector at evening they were even showing an adult

Now I do not mind that. I am not annoyed by that. No sweat, do what you want.
I hate censorship. Go ahead folks enjoy yourselves in any way you want.
I am open in my thoughts and writing: So if you are planning to do
something like this give me a note I might even log-in to have a look at
what you are offering.

But there are two points of consideration you should keep in mind:

- Not everybody is pleased with this kind of behaviour. The net is not
owned by one person. And it is certainly not owned by people who have
the urge to expose theirselves. You are a minority !!!
Keep in mind what other people might think of your behaviour.
- Already there are talks to limit the use of CU on the net. CU is taking
to much bandwidth. Some providers over here are already telling the
users not to use CU anymore.

If we do want CU to stay alive and grow further, behave yourselves on
public reflectors. Otherwise owners/maintainers on a large scale might shut
reflectors down or make them private. And no one is served by that. Adult
contents/exposure might just be the stick they need to kick all CU users
If we all want to keep enjoying the use of CU-SeeMe do the things you want
to do on the reflectors intended for that purpose.

So a note to the previous discussion:
In my opninion blocking out IP adresses (by software) wich contain adult
broadcasting is no solution at this moment. Just keep the IP's away from
your kids.

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