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lynda schnute (lschnut@richmond.infi.net)
Tue, 10 Oct 95 18:59:26 0000

Today, my son and I tried a trial run before he has to demonstrate
Cu-SeeMe to his lecture hall. He is in a university lab with a direct
connection while I am using a modem (28.8) and a dial up PPP. I saw him
fine. However, I couldn't see his messages in the talk window. He said
my picture was VERY choppy and slow, while he saw all my messages in the
talk window. I know my picture transmits since other people at
reflector sights seem to see me fine. What transmission, recieve, and
compression should we set at. We are both using version .83b2 and we
both have the QuickCam camera. This may mean whether or not his
university decides to set up a reflector sight so any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.