Research questions ("")
Tue, 10 Oct 95 21:34:10 EDT

Hello, my name is Rick Mitchell, I'm a grad student at the U. of Rhode
Island and I'm doing research on video over the net. I'm particularly
interested in comparing CU with MBONE options. I have the following
questions which I'd appreciate anyone's input on, (ASAP):
* What is the typical data rate and frame rate for CU over POTS or T1 lines?
* Is there a danger of CU clogging a net because the bit streams are not
"tunneled" similar to those on the MBONE?
* Does CU normally handle color or just grays?
* Does CU have an audio component?
* How many viewing sites are actively available?
* Is there a new,similar technology/software that anyone would recommend
Thanks very much for your consideration of these questions.