jelle rom (
Sun, 12 Dec 99 09:57:13 0000


I just discovered cuseeme a few days ago and i think it's great.
The only problem is......the audio

Only crackling sounds, and sometimes a word that comes trough.

I work with :

486 DX 2 66 mhz 8mb

Windows 3.1

28800Bps modem

Soundblaster 16bit

Cuseeme (latest-version) from ftp-cornell

What can I do about that audio-problem ????
Is there somekind of expert out there who knows what i'am doing
wrong (probbably it's my fault, somewhere)

Help Me please

I'am planning to do some tests with video-tapes as soon I can get
"normal" audio out of the system.

Jelle Rom