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Brodie GoozŽe (Brodie.Goozee@c031.aone.net.au)
Wed, 11 Oct 95 13:49:58 -0100


I have a Mac LC 575
8meg RAM plus RAM doubler
Fosh supra 28.8 modem
Work out of Victoria in Australia
Have installed a Connectix camera
Works well but I have no idea how to use it to conference call through
the Internet where I use Netscape. I heave read through the FAQ list
but there is nothing that says "Start here, do this, then that, connect
to something else andd off you should go." Not being super literate in
this area.

If you can take me through go to woah I would be eternally grateful as I
am about to visit a client in the UK and need to set up his end so that
we can talk each day.