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Bill Ryan (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 09:30:53 -0800

Good ideas.

These ideas are already under consideration - no promises.

Keep those ideas/enhancements coming,


>I was wondering if it is a good idea to post a wish list like the one
>below? Feed back anyone?
>John Kit
>> My 4 suggestions all revolve around a re-thinking of how text is utilized
>> in CU-SeeMe. I believe that these four suggestions will SIGNIFICANTLY
>> enhance CU-SeeMe as a communications tool:
>> 1) create a seperate textfield for typed comments, and place
>> it directly under the video.
>> Having the text appear inside the video can result in the
>> text's being affected by the
>> lossy compression algorithm, and is often therefore
>> unreadable.
>> 2) allow us to send and receive text even when our video
>> broadcast is PAUSEd.
>> At 28.8 speed, in order to communicate via text, I have
>> to enable my video broadcasting -
>> effectively halving my video receiving bandwidth.
>> 3) allow us to open a window for any participant in TEXT
>>only mode.
>> With 4 video-capable users, the useable bandwidth becomes
>> too diluted. I'd like to 'hear' what
>> some other user wants to say to me - but as it is now,
>> I'd have to have his video window visible
>> in order to 'hear' his typing. If he/she types
>> something of interest to me, I'll then go and make
>> him/her visible.
>> 4) enable lurkers to both send and receive text.
>> It would be nice to be able to communicate w/ lurkers -
>> even if we can't see them.
>> In a nutshell:
>> Give me text-based communication at ALL times,
>> and let me decide when and how to allocate my limited bandwidth.
>> Thanks for listening!
>> Keith

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