Re: 4 suggestions for Text

Keith Wood (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 10:38:35 -0500

>1) create a seperate textfield for typed comments, and place it
>directly under the video.
>2) allow us to send and receive text even when our video broadcast is
>3) allow us to open a window for any participant in TEXT only mode.
>4) enable lurkers to both send and receive text.

I've received a couple of replys to my original email, both saying that the
above desired functionality already exists within the Mac version.

OK, I'm confused. I am using the Mac version, (v 0.83b2) - but I can't
figure out what they might be talking about. One guy called it 'talkFM',
the other guy called it the 'CU-SeeMe Text-window'. If there is such a
thing as the 'Text-window', how do I access it???

Also, I've thought of another enhancement which would be great to have:

5) allow us to PAUSE / RECEIVE video on individual participants.
We can PAUSE / RECEIVE on our Local video, and we can PAUSE /
RECEIVE on ALL participants
simultaneously - but we can't do this on individual participants.
I'd like to be able to maintain
a visual on several people at once - but only have ONE (or TWO)
actually receiving live video.
When I want to interact with another user, I'll PAUSE the current
user's video (but I'll be able to
keep visible his/her last frame) and RECEIVE on the next user.

Again, this addresses the fundamental issue of enabling me to decide when
and how to allocate my limited bandwidth.

Finally, can someone please email-me how to join this list??? thx.