VAT Problems

Joseph M. Izen (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 09:50:58 -0700

I've run into problems with at least 2 UNIX species (HP, Alpha) when
either some part of the operating system handling sound was not turned on,
or some proprietary sound program was turned on that interfered with
VAT/CU-SeeMe. I'm not a UNIX expert, and have forgotten the right buzz
words, but when you do your homework, it has worked in my experience from
hp, sgi, alpha, sun, and rs6000. I've also had better luck with the latest
reflector release, 4.00b3.

Good luck -Joe

P.S. If people want to email me idioscyncracies for each flavor of UNIX,
i'd be happy to collect them and put them on a WWW page.