Reflector Administrators

Rick Collins (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 18:45:09 -0230

My Son! My Sun! I need help.

Today was a spattering of weird experimenting with my .40b3 reflectors =
and NV.

When I first installed .40b3 on my linux reflector (we'll call it =
"LIN_ONE") I configured it fairly standard with an NV-unicast port of =
4444 (I only need to monitor the pictures). When logging on with NV =
from my Sparc 5 I seemed to be received but as soon as I threw something =
at the reflector (a MAC at 320x240) it would crash and say that the =
request received from the NV port did it.

I later tried this with the latest version on the Sparc and things =
worked better. Only problem was that I was running NV on the same =
machine and I seemed to never be able to view other CUSeeme senders =
although refmon told me we were all connected.

I want to use NV to monitor my reflectors because I've got all my MACs =
in the field delivering large format pictures.

Then I tried BCC from LIN_ONE to the Sparc station and things didn't =
bring down LIN_ONE anymore but things still worked poorly with NV.

I then ran NV from another linux box to the Sparc station and it could =
see all participants vut NV on the Sparc still did strange things =
without showing the participants.

I've used NV from the Sparc before testing on other reflectors and it =
seemed to work fine.

Are there any limitations to what NV can do with a reflector? Is there =
something I'm not doing in NV that would make it send but not receive?

Are there any other variables needed to be set for NV in the =
other than:

Is NV this unstable with reflectors? I really can't afford to lose all =
my connections everytime this system goes down.

Any suggested configurations are welcome!