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Luc Volders (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 00:09:48 +0100

To Keith,

>5) allow us to PAUSE / RECEIVE video on individual participants.
> We can PAUSE / RECEIVE on our Local video, and we can PAUSE /
>RECEIVE on ALL participants
> simultaneously - but we can't do this on individual participants.
>I'd like to be able to maintain
> a visual on several people at once - but only have ONE (or TWO)
>actually receiving live video.
> When I want to interact with another user, I'll PAUSE the current
>user's video (but I'll be able to
> keep visible his/her last frame) and RECEIVE on the next user.

I think this is a great idea but can not be realised easily.
I think the reflectors are just broadcasting what they receive.
So CU should send to the reflector that you want to stop receiving video
from a certain user. The reflectors therefore will have to maintain a list,
in which is marked for all participants, what they want to receive at a
certain moment and what should be kept on hold.
It is not entirely impossible I think, but it will give the folks at
Cornell and White Pine major headaches.

This is part of the message I send to him personally.
I attached talk for him to his document, so do not send it to him again
unless the notifies otherwise.

I just made this part of the message public because he suggested a great idea
which MIGHT just be possible to realise.
It would be great for all us modem users.


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