Outsios Stamatis (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 02:16:45 +0200 (EET)

I 've seen a lot of others trying as me to use Cuseeme through not a
normal IP connection but Slip Emulation.Because I think we have to help
each other sharing our experiencies I am posting this :

I tried to use Cuseeme with a pseydo-slip connection using TIA, SLIRP
and VTCP. Info about all these Slip Emulators in :

First without a video board one can be a lurker with SLIRP, VTCP and
not with TIA.

Second with a video board SLIRP works with problems, e.g it doesn't
redirect the info about if the other clients can see you, hear you or else..
When I started SLIRP with port redirection (slirp "redir udp 7648 to
7648") it couldn't connect to a reflector.I keep having doubts if in the
above case one client can connect direct to me giving the IP address where
SLIRP is running. Logically this is the case but i couldn't manage it
(any suggestion?).But even if it is true, you cannot connect to a reflector
and this is a disadvantage of Slirp.

And finally with VTCP it worked all fine.I started VTCP with "mapport
7648 7648" (port redirection), and I could connect to reflectors, see if
others see me or can hear me. Also I could be in waiting mode and have a
client connecting direct with me (giving the IP address where the VTCP was

Another thing I experimented with was the best max transmit kbps in order
to have the fastest video response. For this I started a reflector in a
Sun in the same Ethernet where VTCP was running, with the self-reflect
option enabled, and watched how my video was returned to me. I noticed that
the best results were when transmited with the **half** bandwidth of my
modem connection ( 9-10 kbps).So for the best results one must transmit at
the half of his connection and leave the other half for receiving (again the
best is receiving from **one** only client).

That was my conclusions, I hope this to help somebody ...

Stamatis Outsios