CUSEEME 2000 (revised)

Yoda (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 23:08:12 -0500 (CDT)

Along with the 24bit, 60fps, full screen video over a 300 baud connect I
figured an audio filter would be an easy thing to implement (an extra two
or three days of development).

This audio filter would check for voice that contains vulgarities and
convert them to a nicer version....furthermore this filter will make sure
all voice that is passed is politically correct. For example if someone
spoke, "That damned policeman harrassed my friend"...This AI audio filter
would change it to "That darned police person harrassed my friend"...also
the word harrassed would be pronouced hair-essed with accent on the essed.

At first the audio filter's voice would probably sound a little robotic
but with another two or three days of development it would be able to
sound humanlike.

PS. I didn't forget the requests for a video filter too. It will also be
included to remove nudity as well as including a user definable ugly
feature. Essentally it will allow the user of CUSEEME 2000 to decide
which type of person he/she finds desirable and have all other people
morphed (in real time on a 386SX/16 or better) to this user defined

For example....John Doe like Cindy Crawford...yet his mom videophones him
all the time...well John, using this ugly feature, morphs his mom to look
like Cindy Craford and finds himself talking to his mom more and more.

Well...these are just a few of my suggestions..I say we all get together
and demand these features be added to the next release of CUSEEME. I
mean come on I'm not really asking the impossible am I????

May the farce be with you,