Re: 4 suggestions for Text
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 13:22:34 -0400

At 12:09 AM 10/12/95 +0100, Luc Volders wrote:
>To Keith,
>>5) allow us to PAUSE / RECEIVE video on individual participants.
>> We can PAUSE / RECEIVE on our Local video, and we can PAUSE /
>>RECEIVE on ALL participants
>> simultaneously - but we can't do this on individual participants.
>>I'd like to be able to maintain
>> a visual on several people at once - but only have ONE (or TWO)
>>actually receiving live video.
>> When I want to interact with another user, I'll PAUSE the current
>>user's video (but I'll be able to
>> keep visible his/her last frame) and RECEIVE on the next user.
>I think this is a great idea but can not be realised easily.
>I think the reflectors are just broadcasting what they receive.
>So CU should send to the reflector that you want to stop receiving video
>from a certain user. The reflectors therefore will have to maintain a list,
>in which is marked for all participants, what they want to receive at a
>certain moment and what should be kept on hold.
>It is not entirely impossible I think, but it will give the folks at
>Cornell and White Pine major headaches.

This would not be hard to do. Reflectors do not just broadcast what they
receive; they only forward what each receiver requests. Everything needed
to support this feature is already in place, except for a user interface.
We would need to add a pause button to the remote video windows. I had
actually advocated doing this some months ago because it would make certain
aspects of the code cleaner, by making window display more independent of
video reception. No one else thought much of the idea, so it was deferred
until we can more systematically address the "bandwidth steering" issue
(e.g., shrinking, slowing, stopping some video to free up bandwidth for
other purposes).

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