Re: suggestions
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 13:26:27 -0400

At 6:03 PM 10/11/95 -0500, Marc Kagan wrote:
>Another very useful feature would be the ability to auto pause picture on
>push to talk. When you push, the picture pasues to increase bandwith for
>audio, depausing when you release the button! Is there a way to do this

This happens automatically now, on recent Mac versions at least. The
combined outgoing data rate of all data types must stay under the
transmission cap. Whenever audio is outoing (either by push-to-talk or
squelch exceeded) the video frame rate automatically slows by a
commensurate amount. This, along with reflector doing essentially the same
thing (though just dropping video packets since it can't control the source
frame rate), is why the audio is so much more reliable with recent versions
of reflector and client.

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