Re: [M] Is there a version for 68020 Mac
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 13:35:38 -0400

At 11:27 AM 10/10/95 -0700, Thomas E. Amato wrote:
>Please forgive my ignorance, I have just read through much of the
>readme files to figure out which Mac version I need, but, I
>can't. I know nearly next to nothing about Mac's.
>I have a friend who has a Mac 68020 (16mhz) with 6 megs of RAM.
>Is there a version of CU-SeeMe that will work for him (albeit it
>I gather from the documentation, he also needs MacTCP &
> this correct? What versions?

CU-SeeMe should work on a 68020 processor, though it will fail on a 68000.
It might get bogged down receiving 8 video windows at high rates, and I'm
guessing it might have problems keeping up with audio, but you ought to be
able to do point-to-point okay. Also, if you're going to equip it with a
video card, don't expect great frame rates, probably not better then 5 fps.
MacTCP is definitely required. QuickTime is not required to receive
As for memory requirements, CU-SeeMe is distributed with a "Minimum"
heap request of 2500 K. You can probably get away with much less, maybe
down to 1200 K or so for receive only. This, you'll have to experiment
with, however.

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