Re: Developers
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 14:03:58 -0400

At 6:55 PM 10/10/95 -0400, John Kit wrote:
>Are there any Cornell or White Pine cuseeme developers on this mailing list?
>Would you identify yourself? It seems that the questions users have
>are being answered by regular users like myself. I could be wrong.

All of the developers at Cornell monitor this list. The developers
currently consist of 4 full-time programmers, 1 manager and 1 part-time
student, some of whom have additional responsibilities besides CU-SeeMe.
This is to design, code, document, support and promote different versions
of CU-SeeMe on 2 different desktop platforms, as well as the reflector on
different flavors of unix. Making sure that it all continues to operate
together while trying to improve it is a challenge. There are of course
very large gaps in what we can do. We depend upon "regular users" such as
yourself to help other regular (or not-so-regular) users whenever possible.
It is far easier for the user community to help us with support than it is
to help us with coding. Help with design is also appreciated. Please
continue to offer suggestions for improvement, even if we do not always
have time to respond directly.

Tim Dorcey
Sr. Programmer/Analyst (607) 255-5715
Advanced Technologies & Planning
CIT Network Resources
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850