Mac 7500/8500 status
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 14:27:22 -0400

Just to re-iterate and clarify the situation with the CU-SeeMe and the
PowerMac 7500/8500 family:

The built-in video in the 7500 & 8500 should work with CU-SeeMe if:

1) You have the most recent version (0.83b2) and
2) You turn OFF Virtual Memory

With VM turned on, the 7500/8500 video digitizer is only able to write to
the screen, not to offscreen memory. We will eventually release a version
that works with VM on, probably by digitizing directly to the Local Video
window, and then copying the video from the screen to where we need it.
This will require that the local video window be fully exposed for
digitizing to occur.

Problems with Open Transport may still prevent reliable connections with
the 7500/8500. Mark Hartman has several times posted here the steps he
took to get CU-SeeMe working with Open Transport on a 7500, and I will not
repeat them again. I'm not sure if they apply to the 8500, as well. We
are working on re-writing parts of CU-SeeMe to work with Open Transport in
native mode. Perhaps that will solve the problems. In the meantime, we
can only hope that Apple releases a version of OT that is fully compatible
with existing MacTCP applications.

Tim Dorcey
Sr. Programmer/Analyst (607) 255-5715
Advanced Technologies & Planning
CIT Network Resources
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850