Request for reflector to carry a feed.

Willem Scholten (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 15:17:59 -0700 (PDT)

To all reflector operators:

On November 9, 1995, the Center for Technology in the Public Library will
'produce' a program called 'The Virtual Learning Community'.
(With a system test on November 8, 1995 at 2:30PM PST.)

At approx. 11:15 PST we will broadcast a one hour program around Mark Twain.

During this program we will host a program where a Scholar of Twain will
be dressed-up as Twain and talk as Twain. He will discuss Huckleberry
Finn and other works. An interactive community will be formed between a
HighSchool, a Branch Library, and the Main library. The program will be a
30 Minute monologue, followed by 30 minutes of questining. This program
will be facilitated via realtime video and sound conferencing using
CuSeeme, realaudio and Iwave. The combined signal will be reachable via
our public reflector for any one to watch and listen to.

Therefore to reach a wider national and perhaps international audience we
are looking for reflector sites who may be willing to carry the program
and redistribute the signal.

We plan to provide access via two public reflectors, both also carrying
the signal on the NC and VAT ports. No MBONE 'broadcasting' will be
carried this time.

If you are interested in carrying and fanningout the feed, please contact
me via E-mail at:

An under-construction website is available at:, the
Mark Twain material is located under projects and then twain.

Thanks in advance.


Willem Scholten E-mail:

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