Quick Cam for Windows and CUSEEME

Brian Gittins (bricg@i-2000.com)
Thu, 12 Oct 95 20:23:38 EDT

I am using the Quick Cam for Windows and PC ver.70b1 of CUSEEME on a 486 66
12 meg machine running Windows95

When I use the 16 gray format at 160X120, The image comes up doubled on the
bottom of the window and the top of the window is just video noise. The
doubled picture is (side by side) perfect as far as clarity, lighting, etc.
and both images move as if I had 2 windows of the same image open.

I have verified this double image on a reflector site and anyone who see's
it see exactly what I am seeing.

I tried to use the 64 gray format at 160x120 and the window is filled with
the image, I cannot however get a clear picture. I have tried to adjust all
the settings,lighting etc., but nothing seems to clear up the image
(negative looking).

I would prefer to use the 16 gray setting as it does produce a very clear
picture, but will not fill the window and gives a double image.

PLEASE, can someone help me with problem!!!