PAUSE/RECEIVE on individual users

Keith Wood (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 23:31:32 -0500

I deleted an email in which one of the CU-SeeMe team (I think it might have
been replyed to a suggestion I had made:

>5) allow us to PAUSE / RECEIVE video on individual participants.
> We can PAUSE / RECEIVE on our Local video, and we can PAUSE /
>RECEIVE on ALL participants
> simultaneously - but we can't do this on individual
>participants. I'd like to be able to maintain
> a visual on several people at once - but only have ONE (or TWO)
>actually receiving live video.
> When I want to interact with another user, I'll PAUSE the
>current user's video (but I'll be able to
> keep visible his/her last frame) and RECEIVE on the next user.

At any rate, the reply was that this shouldn't be too difficult, as the
reflectors already keep some of this info on line...

Question: is anyone working on this feature? If not, could someone from
the the CU-SeeMe team please contact me - I might be interested in
contributing some code...