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Fri, 13 Oct 1995 10:54:05 +0100

To all,

As we know that the develloppers for Cornell and White Pine are reading
this list I want to make a suggestion to them.
Some suggestions have already been done concerning bandwidth and text. I
think this is a different idea.

Many of you noticed that the rates drop if more people are connected.
I think (but I am not sure) that the rates are not dropping equally.

It seems to me that people on a modem have bad transmission rates and users
on T1 or ISDN links have better transmission rates.

I Noticed that on a 'normal' CU conference I am getting pictures from
people who have rates up to 12K/sec and others have rates of 1K/sec.
So it looks that the faster transmissions are 'pushing' the slower
transmissions away.
The problem lies (I think) in the fact that on the same reflector people
are logged in using modems and others using fast links.

I have had this problem myself. CU told me I was xmitting at about 14k/sec
but people received me at about 1k/sec. At that time some fast links were
participating also.

Now could it not be possible that the reflector software tests on this and
then 'reflects' the pictures at an equal rating. Now this should not be
done as default. The reflector maintainer should decide how the ratings
will be. I can imagine that in a 'serious' conference two transmitters are
invited to do something special and the others have low priority. But if
the reflector is public again equal rates should be transmitted.

I think this will be very difficult to program, and maybe I am asking the
impossible. But: who dares wins.


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