QuickCam for the PC

Brian Gittins (bricg@i-2000.com)
Fri, 13 Oct 95 09:47:26 EDT

To All:

PC/Windows users.

QuickCam for Windows is available from The PC Mac Connection Catalog
October/November issue lists the QuickCam as follows.

Telephone# 1-800-800-1111 24 hrs. a day.

Item# 21784 PC Version Price $99.00 US

Item# 16287 Mac Version Price $99.00 US

The PC version connects to your parallel port, however it does not contain a
pass through for your printer, a data switch box is recommended. The power
is pulled from your keyboard port and does contain a pass through for your
keyboard and is a universal plug either ps/2 style or standard keyboard adapter