Re: What is the load??
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 10:39:56 -0400

At 4:44 PM 10/12/95 -0700, Howard Meister wrote:
>This question is also in reqards to setting up a reflector. What is the
>load on a server that is running the reflector software when there are a
>full load of people, say 20 or so?

In most scenarios, the important load is likely to be on the network.
E.g., if each of 20 people are each watching 7 video stream, then there are
140 streams coming out of the reflector, which, at say, 50 kbps per stream
would amount to about 7 Mbps outgoing. If all 20 people are also sending
video (i.e., everyone is being watched by at least 1 other person), then
there would be 20 video streams incoming (1 Mbps). Most of the work that
the reflector does is simply copying incoming packets to outgoing
destinations, with a bit of logic to decide what goes where, and some
arithmetic to monitor and control data rates. Hence, I would guess that
cpu utilization is roughly proportional to the outgoing data rate.

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