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Could you take this a bit further in a multicasting scenerio?

Does the new 4.0b3 OSF include the multicasting code where 4.0b2 had
two separate binaries the regular and mc version?

What would the advantages be for a NASA / KVR-InterneTV (view only one to
many) scenerio for multicasting in bandwidth utilization?

Would there be advantages to building a reflector net in MC mode across
the Internet for such an application?

I have noticed that even when you are in a one to many situation the
reflector wants to get/send the passive viewers audio maybe even video
to each other passive client. Is there a way to configure this not to
happen? In otherwords what is the best way to brodcast one to many
keeping in mind the best bandwith utilization and resource utilization?

Thanks for all your informative feedback this week:)


On Fri, 13 Oct 1995 wrote:

> At 4:44 PM 10/12/95 -0700, Howard Meister wrote:
> >This question is also in reqards to setting up a reflector. What is the
> >load on a server that is running the reflector software when there are a
> >full load of people, say 20 or so?
> In most scenarios, the important load is likely to be on the network.
> E.g., if each of 20 people are each watching 7 video stream, then there are
> 140 streams coming out of the reflector, which, at say, 50 kbps per stream
> would amount to about 7 Mbps outgoing. If all 20 people are also sending
> video (i.e., everyone is being watched by at least 1 other person), then
> there would be 20 video streams incoming (1 Mbps). Most of the work that
> the reflector does is simply copying incoming packets to outgoing
> destinations, with a bit of logic to decide what goes where, and some
> arithmetic to monitor and control data rates. Hence, I would guess that
> cpu utilization is roughly proportional to the outgoing data rate.
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