RE: Quick Cam for Windows and CUSEEME

Monte.Jones (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 18:06:54 +-100

Interesting post of yours. Wondering if you have to do anything special =
to get the QC to work with CU-SEEME? Normall CU looks for a capture =
device. Anything you can tell me about seting up the QC for Windows and =
CU-SEEME will be greatly appreciated. =20

Best regards

Monte Jones
Munich, Germany

From: Brian Gittins[]
Sent: Friday, October 13, 1995 1:23 AM
Subject: Quick Cam for Windows and CUSEEME

I am using the Quick Cam for Windows and PC ver.70b1 of CUSEEME on a 486 =
12 meg machine running Windows95

When I use the 16 gray format at 160X120, The image comes up doubled on =
bottom of the window and the top of the window is just video noise. The
doubled picture is (side by side) perfect as far as clarity, lighting, =
and both images move as if I had 2 windows of the same image open.

I have verified this double image on a reflector site and anyone who =
it see exactly what I am seeing.

I tried to use the 64 gray format at 160x120 and the window is filled =
the image, I cannot however get a clear picture. I have tried to adjust =
the settings,lighting etc., but nothing seems to clear up the image
(negative looking).

I would prefer to use the 16 gray setting as it does produce a very =
picture, but will not fill the window and gives a double image.

PLEASE, can someone help me with problem!!!