Thanks, multiple questions/suggestions, and hope for the future.
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 13:09:28 -0500

Thanks, Tim ( This was the most information I had
seen on these settings to date. I think this information will be very
helpful, and I plan on adding it to my web page this weekend

I have saved up a few questions/suggestions over the months from myself and
from people in the IRC channel. Any answers I get will also be added to my
web page. Here they are:

1. Can you give me a short explanation on why MAC and the PC versions
differ so much? Once the hardware specific routines of the MAC and the PC
have both been written, wouldn't it be easy to make the MAC and the PC
versions both have all of the same features? I understand that the MAC is
better at the graphics, but it seems like the routines to address the video
have already been written for both, so I don't understand the reason for the

2. On the PC, when I am connected to a reflector, if someone attempts to
connect to my IP address directly, it knocks me off of the reflector. I
understand that the MAC version has a way to accept or decline this
connection. When will we get this kind of feature on the PC? Is there some
way for my client to give the "connector" some kind of "busy" signal, like
the telephone?

3. Can you give me an approximate release date for a PC version that
addresses the problems with the Quickcam for the PC? I have heard that it
currently does NOT work with CU-SeeMe, although the salesmen at PC
Connection had told me that it did. This is quite disappointing, since a
lot of people have been axiously awaiting the release of this camera.

4. Can we expect a PC version of the "famous" talk window anytime soon?
The PC users are limited to typing into their local window, so for now, we
use the IRC channel for the chatting, while using CU-SeeMe to view each
other, but there is considerable lag inthe IRC channel, due to the bandwidth
requirements of CU-SeeMe.

5. Since IPHONE works so well, even at 14.4, why can I not get the audio to
work in CU-SeeMe, even at 28.8, and with all of the video frozen? Does
IPHONE use some super compression algorithm that you guys don't have?

6. On the reflector, why the limit of 100 admit lines? Can you easily
increase that to about 500?

7. Are there any plans for reflectors to have some type of security
features, like a userlist, hours of access, length of time allowed on,

8. How do you get CU-SeeMe to recognize a Radius Videovision on a PowerPC?

9. Any plans for an OS/2 version of Cu-SeeMe?

Thanks in advance for any answers you might have for me. I would also like
to give a big thanks to the CU-SeeMe development team for the great work
they are doing. Anyone that COMPLAINS about the performance/features of
CU-SeeMe should remember that this is FREE SOFTWARE. If you don't pay for
the software, you have no right to complain about it. Go spend some MONEY
to buy a comercial package, THEN you can gripe to those developers.

I was first introduced to CU-SeeMe back in February when I connected to a
friend in Boston, and thought this was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
I even saw a guy at the south pole one night (53 degrees below zero, he
said)...pretty amazing that we can see each other all the way around the
world, and it's all for free.

I look forward to seeing what other ideas you folks have in store for the

>For a fixed transmission rate, unusually low video frame rates could be
>explained by:.......
>The above comments are Mac-centric. The basic concepts should be identical
>for Windows, though I'm not certain that all of the user interface items
>are in place at this time.

Bill Woodland
Squeek on Undernet IRC channel #CU-SeeMe

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