President Clinton Live Monday 9AM Central

Jay Arden Ashcraft (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 13:05:48 -0500 (CDT)


For Immediate Release:

KVR-InterneTV @,,
will broadcast President Clinton Live via fiber to the Internet
via CU-SeeMe on Monday October 16th at 9 AM Central time.

Locally in Austin the broadcast will be simulcast on KVR-TV VHF channel 9,
dorm cable channel 15. At 10 PM it wil be rebroadcast on Austin CableVision
Access channel 10.

The speech, with reactions will rerun at 9:00PM Central or KVR-InterneTV.

President Clinton will attempt to provide leadership to help the nation
find "harmony out of our diversity."

Meanwhile in Washington on Monday the Million-Man (no women) March
organized by Louis Farrakhan will be facing Congress to address the issue
of race relations in America. It is expected that Jonnie Cochran and O.J.
Simpson will attend the largest march of African-Americans since 1963.

In an interview this week Clinton expressed surprise at the widely disparate
reactions of whites and blacks to the acquittal last week of O.J. Simpson.

"I think there may be more for me to do, more than I had imagined," Clinton

He is expected to address race issues in the speech this coming Monday
in Austin, Texas which will be broadcast live over the Internet via

KVR-InterneTV is the first and only broadcast station on the Internet
featuring as a pilot project, 24 hours of programming with MuchMusic USA -
most of the time, Austin Music Network - 10 PM Central to 2 AM Central
Sunday through Thus and until 4 AM Friday-- Saturday nights (Sat-Sun am)
KVR-InterneTV is conceived, managed and run by Texas Student Television, a
voluntary student organization which produces local programming and
programs student produced shows generally Fridays evenings 6PM - 10 PM

MuchMusic USA is a product of Rainbow Programming Inc. which also has Bravo
and the Independent Movie Channel. Austin Music Network is a project of
the City of Austin, the live music capital of the world. KVR-InterneTV is
made possible by Apple Computer Inc., White Pine Software, and the
generous labors of the folk at Cornell in the CU-SeeMe project.


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