Re: [Mac] Built-in Audio problem on 7500/8500 Machines

P-M Ericsson (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 08:03:55 +0100

>Hi folks,
> I've receive one confirming email of a problem with the built-in audio
>on a 7500/8500 with CU-SeeMe. I would appreciate it if you could drop me
>an email if you do NOT experience this problem on your system. Several
>people have reported that the QuickCam mike does work on these systems.
>Recall that for the time being, to use CU-SeeMe on a 7500/8500, you need to
>turn off virtual memory and back out the TCP/IP portions of Open Transport
>in favor of MacTCP 2.0.6.
> Has anyone checked out the sound from the line level inputs?

Hi I use an ordinary videocamera (without microphone, yes I know it sounds
weird but it=B4s old) and I can=B4t use MacTCP (2.0.6).
I have to use TCP/IP with my 7500, and it works "fine". Maybe it=B4s because
I am runnig under a swedish 7.5.2 AND have upgraded to Open Transport


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