quickcam for windows

jeffy (jeffa@conline.com)
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 14:26:36 -0500

Help! I just bought a Quickcam for Windows and it captures video at
either 4 bits per pixel or 6 bits per pixel. Cu-Seeme wants to recieve 8 bits
per pixel and convert them to 4. If I tell my cam to transmit at 4 bits then I
get 2 half-size images thet look fiarly good. If I tell it to transmit at 6
per pixel then I get a full-size image but the contrast is terrible. I believe
that there is no value assigned to pure white and pure black. I'm not sure
anyone can do anything about this but I've got to try. Maybe the next
version of
CU-Seeme for Windows will address this problem of "8-bit palettizing" when
8 bits just ain't an option....

can anyone help?