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Sat, 14 Oct 1995 09:36:59 +0930 (CST)

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, Luc Volders wrote:

> To all,
> As we know that the develloppers for Cornell and White Pine are reading
> this list I want to make a suggestion to them.
> Some suggestions have already been done concerning bandwidth and text. I
> think this is a different idea.
> Many of you noticed that the rates drop if more people are connected.
> I think (but I am not sure) that the rates are not dropping equally.
> It seems to me that people on a modem have bad transmission rates and users
> on T1 or ISDN links have better transmission rates.
> I Noticed that on a 'normal' CU conference I am getting pictures from
> people who have rates up to 12K/sec and others have rates of 1K/sec.
> So it looks that the faster transmissions are 'pushing' the slower
> transmissions away.
> The problem lies (I think) in the fact that on the same reflector people
> are logged in using modems and others using fast links.
> I have had this problem myself. CU told me I was xmitting at about 14k/sec
> but people received me at about 1k/sec. At that time some fast links were
> participating also.
> Now could it not be possible that the reflector software tests on this and
> then 'reflects' the pictures at an equal rating. Now this should not be
> done as default. The reflector maintainer should decide how the ratings
> will be. I can imagine that in a 'serious' conference two transmitters are
> invited to do something special and the others have low priority. But if
> the reflector is public again equal rates should be transmitted.
> I think this will be very difficult to program, and maybe I am asking the
> impossible. But: who dares wins.
> Luc
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Dear CU-Users,
Sorry about being a bum and quoting the whole letter but as
people who have visited CU-SeenMe would know I am writing my thesis
at the moment and I havent got time to stuff about. About the with the
slower links eople on a reflector. The reason is simple, they are simply
having to recieve a lot of data as well as try to send a certian amount.
so when th rflector is full they are recieving far more than they are
sending. Perhaps this could be a feature to build in a min send/revceive
ratio. Or else put a max recive on each differet video windo so you can
rstrubute your band width. The easiest thing to do is wn the windows that
dont concern you.
All I can say is be ecelent and get some more bandwidth at your
local bandwidth dealer today
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