Is it possible to get a few frames per second using cuseeme with a 28.8 modem?

Daniel R. Graziano (
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 08:08:05 -0700

I hope you can help. I have a Packard Bell, 486, 33mhz, 12 mb RAM, 250
mB drive. I recently bought a JVC camcorder, Creative Labs
Videoblaster SE100. The video works fine in the Videoblaster software
and I am using Netcom. When connecting to IRC and then a room and
running CU-SEEME - I can see my image in the box fine which is active
but when I connect to a IP - people are telling me that my picture will
only show 1/8 of the picture - I cannot get the whole picture to
appear. I have my transmission set at 10 max and 3 min. I have tried
higher like 30 max and 10 min and it just won't come through. Help! I
know the videoblaster is working so it has be something with either
CU-SEEME or maybe it is with using NETCOM. Could you please advise. I
would appreciate it. Thanks