reflectors and CUSM unix
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 03:30:25 -0400

you previously wrote:

>CU-SeeMe. So why don't we make our own reflector list and
>post it regularly to this CU mailing list.

I Think your plan is wonderful and very, very needed.
I don't know of what part of the list my experiences are representative; but,
I felt compelled to answer this post to offer a different view than you seem
to have.

I am most interested in CuSEEme. No, I'm wildly enthusiastic. My experience
with trying to use it is spotty. I am on a 500k line with a dedicated IP
address so I don't have some of the problems others do. My ratio of
attempts to connections is very low. I have tried at various times of the
day and night. I have not been able to figure out when to try. I find that
either reflectors don't answer or are too busy.

>Ok so you have not heard from me since than. What happened ?
>Well I thought to myself I'll just sit back and wait. Surely I will get
>hundreds of messages or more, reacting to this proposal.

Because of the volumn of posts, I am only able to read a part. Even if I had
read your previous request, which I did not, I still might not have replied
since the
overwhelming need for such a list seems all too obvious to me. The need for
a solution to the problem is seems self evident. Additionally,
I am an extremely poor typist so it takes me forever to send even the
simplest message. As a result I sometimes will take days to plan, type,
proof read, etc.

>>From the 1900 people who are on this mailing list I received a total
>of 21 reactions. That is less than 2%
>So there are several conclusions possible:
>- People are not reading their mail
>- CU users are not really interested in a reflector list
>- Subscribers do not know how to react on a posting in this mail service

Please continue with your project!!!