Reflector 4.0b3<-Bug report

Jay Arden Ashcraft (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 13:24:39 -0500 (CDT)

#1 I have noticed that the 4.0b3 still has a tendencyto core dump and crash.
It is happening less that before (4.0b1) but twice this week.
I am using the regular flavor sun version on sparcs with unicast to 3
reflectors 3 Sun Sparcs (one main), one DEC Alpha OSF 4.0b3.

#2 I also notice that the longer the reflectors run they eat up more CPU.
If I restart them they stay at less than 10% depending on load but after
about a day or two they can eat up to 75-80% CPU.

I use the original restart script so when it crashes it restarts.
I have no idea or clue what is happening from the logs but thought I best
pass this on. Loads are averaging 4-5 receiving as lurkers one sender.


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