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Sun, 15 Oct 1995 12:02:04 -0700

At 03:30 AM 10/15/95 -0400, wrote:
>you previously wrote:
>>CU-SeeMe. So why don't we make our own reflector list and
>>post it regularly to this CU mailing list.
>I Think your plan is wonderful and very, very needed.
>I don't know of what part of the list my experiences are representative; but,
>I felt compelled to answer this post to offer a different view than you seem
>to have.

Yup it would be good but maybe the technology needs to catch up. There are
too many problems on the PC for realistic use yet (audio probs, poor range
of video board support, hey, isn't there supposed to be a standard driver
interface layer???).

For now it seems to be a curiosity among people. I could see a couple of
things developing for serious use (for bus or pleasure):

1. Distributed, loadable reflector lists.
2. Categorization by interest and purpose.
3. A newsgroup/bulletin board/mailing list just for conferencing events
(not mixed in with the "I've got a mac plus and 2400 baud modem with a
dynamic IP address and I've got problems" messages)

my $0.002

- JohnR

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