Lag from reflector - not reflector?

James Vincent (
Sun, 15 Oct 95 21:50:01 -0400

Several people and I have noticed that as more people join a
reflecor all video begins to lag at the user end. This seems normal and
expected - bigger load more delay. However, it does not appear to be
because the reflector is slowing down or because the reflectors network is
overlaoded. The lag is only noticed by clients using modems. The lag does
not appear on a client using ethernet on connected to the same reflector.
So, the lag is due to a slow modem right? But there is a lag even when only
one video window is open. Why would this cause a lag? The only reason we
could come up with is that the video for more than one window is actually
being sent, but only one is being displayed. Is this how things work? Is
there some other explanation?