paranoia abounds?

David Wilson (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:24:40 +1300

Hmmmm..let me enter the frey, if I may

Sitting back and watching the recent conversation leaves me wondering if we
infact have a culture mature enough to handle the rapid advances in global
connectivity and decentralisation the *NET* so gloriously propounds. I know
we could easily dwell in the cynicism that BIG BROTHER is watching and
controlling, but we all have the power as individuals to do something about
it. To paraphrase another sentiment; "The power of MANY outweighs the wants
of the few"

I dare to suggest that *WE* are collectively aware that "Information is
Power, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely" I do not think that the
*POWERS* who want to control us can evolve as fast as the *NET* itself

--- this reminds me that "Necessity is the mother of all invention" ---

let us not waste time bikkering or pointing fingers, rather, let us use our
combined skills and integrety to direct our own future, remembering that
the consumer is all powerfull.

This is surely our next step along the evolutionary path, the path along
which only the fittest survive, I do not think that AT&T or anyone else for
that matter can survive without comsumers; exercise your power......

David Wilson....(aka Kiwi)