Re: for your next revision....

Dale Rabin (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:12:15 -0400 (EDT)

I totally disagree. I have read another letter here from a video spigot
user complaining about inverted video as well, so this problem is not
limited to TV500 users. Inverting the color pallete of the outgoing
video is a very easy operation, speaking as a C programmer, I do lots of
work on graphics manipulation. It would be a simple matter of reading
the pallette backwards from the end or just copying the data to another
array backwards and the reading it normally. I have contacted REVEAL,
and it seems all they have on the technical staff is a bunch of left
handed mutant apes who think a ball-peen hammer is a keyboard accessory.
(In other words, they were no help at all and have not got a clue as to
what Video For Windows compliant is). Since I also have several other
programs that use the driver in the msvideo= line inthe system.ini, and
they capture video just fine, this problem seems to exist ONLY in CU-SEEME.
Since I cannot see the code, I can only suggest a simple workaround. I
do realize that it may not be possible to do, but it seems that the staff
would want to do this as it will cure compatibility problems with 2
current off the shelf capture boards......