Re: Reflector 4.0b3<-Bug report

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:18:12 -0400

>#1 I have noticed that the 4.0b3 still has a tendencyto core dump and crash.
>It is happening less that before (4.0b1) but twice this week.
>I am using the regular flavor sun version on sparcs with unicast to 3
>reflectors 3 Sun Sparcs (one main), one DEC Alpha OSF 4.0b3.

This is useful feedback, but I could use some more information. Which machine
was the reflector core dumping on? Could you send the reflect.conf and the
core file itself to me? If I have the core file I can determine where in the
source that it was having the problem and fix it.

>#2 I also notice that the longer the reflectors run they eat up more CPU.
>If I restart them they stay at less than 10% depending on load but after
>about a day or two they can eat up to 75-80% CPU.

Hmmm.. that's discouraging. Again, is this on the Sun platform, or the OSF,
or all of them? Have you noticed any way to reproduce this behavior? (That
would be very helpful!)

>I use the original restart script so when it crashes it restarts.
>I have no idea or clue what is happening from the logs but thought I best
>pass this on. Loads are averaging 4-5 receiving as lurkers one sender.

Thanks for the information. We are working very hard to "productize" the
reflector. We aren't quite there yet, but with useful feedback from users
like yourself we'll be able to do a better job.


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