Performa digitizer?
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:25:46 -0400

Since version 83b2, CU-SeeMe (for the Mac) is supposed to work with the
Apple internal digitizer that is available with the Performa 630 series,
and some other newer models. However, several people have reported that it
routinely crashes. I have seen about 4 such reports. Can I assume that it
is working fine for everyone else, or that you are not bothering to report
problems since others have already? Perhaps it's time for a poll:

Can anyone report that 83b2 is stable with the "Performa-style" digitizer
(i.e., with a digitizer that was not recognized at all by 83b1 and

How many people are experiencing routine crashes? Any idea whether there
is a triggering event?

Please reply directly to me (unless you have some tips for the list on how
to make it work). Thanks,

Tim Dorcey
Sr. Programmer/Analyst (607) 255-5715
Advanced Technologies & Planning
CIT Network Resources
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853