Re: 1. Reflector lists and 2. Nudity on Public Reflectors

James Neeley (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:59:33 -0800

Ian paraphrased Bill as follows:

>>Regarding the CUSEEMESEX reflector and nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, I must
>>add my $.02 worth here. If you read the rules and etiquette section of my
>>channel page, you will see that we frown upon sex on PUBLIC reflectors. Of
> ^^
>>course, I personally have no control over what goes on at sites such as
>>this, but I think we have a duty to keep this kind of stuff off of the
> ^^
>>PUBLIC reflectors, and this is why we try to do in our channel.
> ^^
>Please define how we (ie. the readers of CU-SEEME-L) should understand your
>use of the term "we" in this context. Is this simply the "Royal We"?

As we are channel regulars and operators, we can *assure* you that it is a
community where the opinion of the masses, rather than a few rule. There
are over a dozen regular operators on channel, and Bill allows no policy
decisions to be made without soliciting his operators to get input from the
masses. Even then, there are operator meetings where thoughts and concerns
are voiced and a consensus is reached.

Nudity on public reflectors *is* frowned upon. Vulgar language and
harassing of ladies on channel is not tolerated. People can be kicked,
banned, or explicitly precluded from operator status for such offenses, as
appropriate. The majority of the kicks and bans on channel that we perform
come at the private and direct request of non-op ladies on channel who get
harasses by some newbie. If you come on channel, particularly in the
evenings, you will notice quite a number of ladies as well as couples on the
channel, a testament to the handling of the channel.

If you believe that you have the intrinsic right to say anything you want to
anyone, no matter how rude or offensive, you will probably think the channel
is controlled by a "Royal We". If, however, you have common decency, you
will recognize the channel for what it is, a friendly group who help newbies
get set up, while having fun chatting ourselves.


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