Re: (no subject)->But about e-cash and Connectix QuickCam for Win.

Mike Frazier (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 08:51:07 -0400

Ben Heffer writes:

>OK, I've got the software for a Mac and I need a list of
>reflectors. How do I get it?
If you have WWW, check out On that page, there
is a way to get to Michael Sattler's reflector list. There is a catch, however.
He is trying a concept called "e-cash" in which you request this free electronic
"script money" to buy services. You have to use this to get the list. All well
and good, but even after repeated contacts to the e-cash people, no e-cash
password is being sent to me! Thus, I, like you, am still in the dark.

I'm all pumped up because I got my hands on one of the first Connectix cameras
for Windows (they started shipping Oct. 4th). First time I tried it I wound
up talking to some guy named StickyBeak Don in Australia! He could read me
text against a "hashy" background, but no image. Since I have not been able
to find any documentation that Connectix supports the Windows version on
CU-SeeMe, there must be some incompatibility in some driver somewhere. Since
everything you need to get video only costs $99 (from MAC/PC Connection), there
is bound to be a tremendous interest in using this camera on CU-SeeMe. I bought
one cause I'm tired of being a lurker!

I just got on the list, so please forgive me if I'm re-hashing anything. I
read the FAQ, but most stuff is several months old.

Mike Frazier
Forest, VA