Why can I update an image by moving it on the screen in WIN95

Bob (rjs@erols.com)
Sun, 15 Oct 95 12:15:12 -0400

I have a question about viewing. I have a DX2-50 with 8 megs of
ram. I am using a Speedstar Pro Video card. I am running
Windows95. My internet connection is PPP with a 28.8 US
Robotics modem. I am checking out Cu-Seeme and don't seem to
be getting very good results. It seems that an incoming image
will freeze at times instead of being updated. When I move
another image window over the top of the "frozen" image it will
then change. When it does change though it only changes
portions of the image. Is this normal? Most of time I can not
even get 1 frame a second. Can I do better by upgradeing my

What would be my best bet to upgrade first in my system?

More memory?
A faster PC?
A faster Video card with more on board memory?

Any help will be appreciated!

Bob Szabo- Hope to be sending soon and not just lurking.