Just aint working, win95/14.4/cuseeme

Andrew J Stevens (werdna@union4.su.swin.edu.au)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 02:48:35 +1000 (EST)

Just ain't working...

Hi I haven't been in to CuSeeMe for quite a while (almost a year).
Anyhow, got back in to it, and it just is not working. I know everyone
out there get sick of help questions, but I've gone thru it all (trouble
shooting etc.).

Heres the problem; trying to connect to any reflector returns 'No
response for XXX'. I'm using the latest version, a recent reflector list,
DNS is set right (other apps work eg netscape). It used to work fine, not
a good performance but it used to connect at least. I'm trying to think
of other details as I go.... um, using a PPP account with a dynamic IP,
can use SLIP, it did'nt make any diff.

Anyhow, if anyone has a similar setup, or can advise me on what to do
next I'd be much appreciative. I'm using the DLL's from win95 (video and

Andrew Stevens