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Luc Volders (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 21:15:11 +0100

To all who offered their help or are willing to do,

I started this project on my own, but in the mean time I have realised
that I can not do it on my own if I want to do it right.

Some things have to be done, which I perfectly can do by myself:
- Check the new IP's that are coming in through the CU maillist and
- Mail the reflector owners and wait for their approval
- Make the plain list.

No problem at all. I will do this.

There is however some help requested if I want to do it the right way.
I need help with:

1) Some of you offered WWW pages for the list.
Most appreciated. It would even be better if we had 2 or 3 places
on the web were the list could be published.
Need helped here:
a) the people who really are willing to offer their space
b) Someone who would make the list in HTML format and coordinate this

2) The Mac list.
As I am on a Mac myself producing the list as a file is not a problem
but I could use some help with:
a) Some general file format in which the list should be published.
Of course I could publish it in the CU nicknames format but if you
replace at this moment your nicknames file with my list that would be
a setback because now there are only 10 or so reflectors in it.
And the list will contain more info as solely the IP numbers.
Info on name, contact person, related info like www pages,
purpose of the reflector, opening times etc.
b) Writing a manual how to use this list, which will be added to the list.
I know that I make a lot off spelling mistakes etc.
I do apologize for that but hey: I am Dutch, what do you expect.

3) The PC-windows list
As I am on a mac I can produce a mac list. PC will be more difficult
although I have to admit that PC's will be the next investment in my
company so I will have access to them in the future.
So I need:
a) someone who will make the list more easily usable on a pc
with the same info as on the mac list (look at mac point a)
b) someone to write a manual for using the IP's on a PC

4) The PC-Dos list
As there is a CU version for Dos available. The same which goes
for the windows version will aply for the dos version.
Although I think we will have to send this list only on demand
as the dos community is shrinking rapidly.

5) Amiga and other platforms
I know somewhere out there is an Amiga version of CU.
I have seen lurkers with the name Amiga User.
So maybe an Amiga list will be appropriate, even more now the Amiga
is again in production through Escom in Europe.
The same goes with other platforms.
Again the same apllies here as with the Dos version. We will send the
list on request.

6) I can test the reflectors on a regular base. I do now. So that's no
problem. But some who are really addicted and visit the sites
also regularly could make a weekly report so I do not miss anything.

7) Anything I forgot.

Who am I looking for:
For each of the sub-projects up to 3 men and women addicted to CU who are
willing to help me with this project on a long-term base.
With three holliday's etc will be covered I think. If people start to drop
out afther a while, the project will not die if more then 1 participates.
I will co-ordinate the project, so the lists for Mac PC etc will appear at
the same time. We will organise this project by private mail so we keep the
bandwidth on the CU mail list as low as possible.

So anybody who had at first offered their help please state by private mail
if you are really willing to help and in which sub-project you want to

If nobody offers help, no sweat, but the list will only appear in the way
it appears in message no 3: the list.

I'll be out of town the first 2 days of this week so message reply will
from earliest on thursday.


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