Educational Ideas

David Berkham (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 23:08:50 -0800

Hello all,
I'm a fifth grade teacher in Portland. I'm brand new to the list-sort of.
I subscribed for a while last spring. I am running off a regular phone
line on a 14.4 modem-soon to be upgraded to 28.8.
First-is sound possible at 28.8.? I know there are many opinions. I know
it is not at 14.4.
Second, I am trying to collect activities to use CU-SEEME in the classroom,
besides the usual cruising the reflectors looking for long distance
locations. Your input would be appreciated. Is there a source on the net
where classroom appliccations are available? Hope to hear from you soon.

David Berkham
Rose City Park School
2334 NE 57th Avenue
Portland, OR 97213