Re: 1. Reflector lists and 2. Nudity on Public Reflectors

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:29:41 +0100

At 01:59 16-10-95 -0500, Bill Woodland wrote:
>Regarding the CUSEEMESEX reflector and nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, I must
>add my $.02 worth here. If you read the rules and etiquette section of my
>channel page, you will see that we frown upon sex on PUBLIC reflectors. Of
>course, I personally have no control over what goes on at sites such as
>this, but I think we have a duty to keep this kind of stuff off of the
>PUBLIC reflectors, and this is why we try to do in our channel.
Please define how we (ie. the readers of CU-SEEME-L) should understand your
use of the term "we" in this context. Is this simply the "Royal We"?
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